Mid Ulster Film Festival


This was the official website for the Mid Ulster Film Festival which ran from 2007 -2009. The 2010 festival was canceled due to the lack of funding.
The content below is from the site's 2007 -2009 archived pages.

2007 Mid Ulster Film Festival

Hi all,

It’s that time of year again when An Creagan is transformed into a film festival village for the 4th annual  Mid Ulster Film Festival.

We’re all very excited about the festival, we’ve been inundated with entries from all over the world, the selection panel had a difficult and unenviable task. Spanish films have a strong presence with ‘ Boletos Por Favor ’ blowing us all away – one you must see. Other shorts not to be missed are – ‘Missing Jib’, ‘The Undertaker’, ‘Chrysalis’ and ‘Ahaarrr!’.

A coup for us is the European Premiere of the feature film ‘Proud’, this we chose as our opening film and it’s ironic it has connections with Carrickmore. New Yorker Mary Pat Kelly, the director, will attend the festival and give a seminar. Another coup is the World Premiere of the digitally re-mastered version of the 1986 Animated Film ‘Transformers: The Movie’

Documentary lovers will be impressed with the line up, which includes ‘With Much Love and Kisses’ from Russia, a very moving, historical film. We are deeply indebted to our funders, our corporate sponsors, our families, friends and especially the enthusiasm of all our volunteers and helpers who make this festival happen. A huge big thank you to you all!

We’re really looking forward to seeing you all again this year, old friends from previous years and delighted to meet new faces too. See you all soon.


All the team at the Mid Ulster Film Festival 2007

Organisors Geoffrey Sproule, Roisin Nevin, Mary Mullin, Hugh Mullin


Festival Information

Weekend Pass for all Screenings £10.00

Feature Films £3.00 Each


Book Early as places are limited  age 16 years and over.



Tel: +44 (0) 28 8075 8621


Accommodation in Omagh Area

Accommodation in An Creagan

We welcome on-site 'fly-camping' either in Tents, Tepees, Motor Homes, and any other type of RV.


Festival Office

Tel: +44 (0) 78 4312 1064


Leaving the Bus Depot Omagh, on the hour every two hours commencing at 10am and finishes at 6pm Sat & Sun

Leaves An Creagan on the hour every two hours commencing 11am and finishes at 7pm

Festival Bus - Bernie's Bus

£1.00 per return trip to book Tel: 07780811839

Depart Bus Depot                       Depart An Creagan

         10am                                           11am

         12 noon                                       1pm

          2pm                                            3pm

          4pm                                            5pm

          6pm                                            7pm




Boletos Por Favor (Tickets Please)

Cinemobile 5th May Opening Short

Drama – DVD 14:00

LMF Films, Lucas Figueroa, Spain, 2006

A train, a pursuit, only one way to escape.


If you only see some short films at the festival then you must see at least some of those listed below. They are playing in the Cinemobile and also in the Green Room during the festival so you have no excuse !!

The Undertaker

Cinemobile - 6th May - 5.30pm

Black Comedy – 15:00

Viking Visionary Films, UK/Estonia, 2005

Black comedy about a man called Calvin who hopes to make a fortune by setting up a suicide bureau in a stir-crazy artic town.


Victor and the machine

Cinemobile - 6th May - 5.30pm

Fiction – 9:00

Neverland Films, Spain, 2005

A little boy who lives in a shack and has just lost his father, imagines a mechanism to get him back to life again using the parts of an old motorcycle. “


Missing Link

Cinemobile - 6th May - 5.30pm

 Sci-Fi – 5:00

Cecilia McAllister- Writer/Director

Bronagh McCartan - Producer, N. Ireland, 2007

With climate warming, the icebergs in Antartica are melting, ancient ice has found it’s way to the


Shadow on the Sun

Cinemobile - 6th May - 5.30pm

– Drama – 3.30

Ronan Kelly, Sixmilecross/Spain, 2007



Messages for Maria

Cinemobile - 6th May - 5.30pm

Chris Baugh, N. Ireland, 2007

It follows Frank as he attempts to win the heart of Maria. Believing only a feat of daring will truly impress her, Frank plots to execute the perfect daylight robbery –



Cinemobile - 5th May - 8pm

-  14:43  

Jonathan Kydd, UK, 2006

Written by and starring top English voice over and actor Jonathan Kydd, Ahaarrr! Is a hilarious comedy that explores the almost horrific and frequently humiliating


Missing Jib

Cinemobile - 5th May - 8pm

– 13:44  

Dimitris Tolios/Paul Ellener, UK/Greece, 2006

Jib Dyber is so lonely that he distributes missing posters of himself. When people call up with possible sightings, Jib does not stop to ask

If you only see some short films at the festival then you must see at least some of those listed below.  they are playing in the Cine mobile and also in the Green Room during the festival so you have no excuse !!!

The Film “Ogam” was written, directed and produced during the Kids Workshop at the Mid Ulster Film Festival.  The finished film was then premiered on Sunday Morning to a packed cinemobile where everyone who attended enjoyed the film immensely.



Short Blocks

Listed Below are the Short Blocks and what films are contained there in. click read more to find out the full listing and use the previous  and next buttons to see other blocks or visit the archive


Shorts Block 10 - Green Room

6th May - 6.30pm

The Passenger – Political Thriller – 11:30

Levin Pictures, UK, 2006

For Niko everyday blurs into the next, feelings of isolation and loneliness dominate his mind. Niko leaves his London bedsit on a


Shorts Block 9 - Green Room

6th May - 4pm

Eyes in the Darkness – Animated Thriller – 3:36

Nick Loquens, UK, 2006

In the English countryside, Scott the rabbit ventures out to a local field to find food for himself. Following a well-trodden


Shorts Block 8 - Green Room

6th May - 2.30pm

New Samaritans – Docu-drama – 53:00

GM Studio, Russia/Israel, 2006

Gerizim, located on the territory between Palestine and Israel, lives the most ancient people in the world, Samaritans. They call


Shorts Block 7 - Green Room

6th May - 12noon

5 ½ Roofs – Documentary - 84:00

Spiraleye Productions Ltd., UK/Austria, 2006

“A compelling look at a layer of our urban community which is rarely seen”. - Raindance Film Festival.


Shorts Block 6 - Green Room

5th May - 8pm

Jacks – Drama – 19:18  

Square Impact Productions, UK, 2006

Jacks is a moving story of Alice – an elderly terminally ill woman, who is tormented by her failure as a mother. Alice’s mind flitters


Shorts Block 5 - Green Room

5th May - 6.30pm

Belfast Today – Documentary – 4:30

Mojo Productions, Armagh, 2006

The tattered flags and crudely painted images of menace and violence maintained by the opposing communities in Belfast, still


Shorts Block 4 - Green Room

5th May - 5pm

A Garota (The Kid) – Animation – 4:03

Fernando Pinheiro, Brazil, 2006


El Canto Del Grillo (Song Of The Cricket)– Drama –17:00

Eigavision SL and 14 Pies, Spain, 2006

Joseba Perurena, a young


Shorts Block 3 - Green Room

5th May - 3.30pm

A Mouse Funeral – Fantasy – 1:40

Greg Butler, UK, 2006

The sacred mouse is dead, but the soldiers of the bathroom have decided to give him a right and proper send off.


Shorts Block 2 - Green Room

5th May - 2pm

Victor and the machine – Fiction – 9:00

Neverland Films, Spain, 2005

A little boy who lives in a shack and has just lost his father, imagines a mechanism to get him back to life again using the


Shorts Block 1 - Green Room

5th May - 12noon

And the sea came by  - Fiction - DVD 6:40mins

ZUiPfilm, Italy, 2006

It came one morning when all hope was lost.

Four Stories High – Drama – DVD 24:00

Crazy Hair Productions, UK, 2006



2008 Mid Ulster Film Festival

This will be the 5th Mid Ulster Film Festival and for the few of you who may not know where An Creagán is, it's located halfway between Omagh and Cookstown (County Tyrone, N.Ireland) at the foothills of the picturesque Sperrin Mountains. With its beautiful on-site cottages and camping facilities, it's transformed into a film festival village for the weekend.

We're a little bit hush hush about our line up this year, we'd like to keep things under wraps for another we while, what we can say is you definitely won't be disappointed.

A few things we'd like to announce are :- 
DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES is 19th March 2008 - click below to download entry forms, also this year we're delighted to be able to offer all the lucky successful international entrants with free accommodation ( and possibly airport transfers - with a little persuasion!), we'll let you know as soon as possible after deadline so you can book flights.

Website will be updated soon, in the meantime keep checking back!

Best wishes from all at Mid Ulster Film Festival


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